We offer one of the most competitive prices in the music instrumental rental market. Our pricing is inclusive of tuning, delivery and pick up, and adjustable stools.

Besides offering Piano for your personal use, we also offer it for concerts, events, and musical recitals. Be it a wedding occasion or an important performance in a concert, our pianos will help you stand out in the crowd through outstanding performances.

Catering to the musical renting needs of our clients, we take words like quality of service and quality of music very seriously. We provide affordable rentals to music enthusiasts who are trying to learn the art of mastering Piano while practicing it at home.

What differentiates us?

If you are still wondering why chose our service for your next reasons, the reasons are galore. Here are few:

  • High quality instruments-though we provide our instruments on rent, they act as a new and supreme addition to your event or concert. You will feel like the owner of a new Piano playing with our offerings.
  • Prompt delivery-we understand that your performance will suffer if the instruments are not ready at hand. Hence, we have made our delivery prompt to ensure that your performance or act starts at the desired time without any delay. Our staff takes the hassle of picking up and delivering the heavy instrument at the specified venue.
  • Affordable service- from upright to baby grand, we have a wide range of pianos to choose from. Our options and rental product offerings will cater perfectly to the budget and requirements of your event.
  • Genuine and reliable advice-with years of extensive experience under our belt, we cater to our clients with genuine and reliable advice along with dependable service. We know the piano industry and advice on good terms so that our clients get the best out of the industry.
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