Piano rental is one of the most advantageous things when it comes to getting a keyboard instrument for your special event. There are a lot of factors to it. First of all, if you have a piano and were thinking about bringing it over to the event, you don’t need to get into all this trouble, because you can just hire a company that will bring their own instrument and then will take it back after the event. Also, the cost would be a lot cheaper, because piano relocation can sometimes cost a serious premium, especially if you have stairs and U-turns, and narrow passages, as all of these factors are included in the estimate.

Piano Land offers you an affordable piano rental solution. You can count on us no matter what kind of event you are having. We have been around for over a decade and have gained the trust and love of our customers through hard and high-quality work. Moreover, we have all kinds of pianos, including upright, grand pianos, baby grand pianos, organs, etc. Piano Land wants to provide you with the finest possible piano rental assistance, so our piano tuning experts will make sure that the instrument you’re renting from us sounds absolutely perfect.

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Your Rental Comes With

Upright PianoGrand Digital PianoDigital Piano
1 Professional Piano Tuning1 Professional Piano Tuning
2-Way Delivery within working hours2-Way Delivery within working hours2-Way Delivery within working hours
Manpower ServiceManpower ServiceManpower Service
1 Full Day Piano Rental1 Full Day Piano Rental1 Full Day Piano Rental
Adjustable Piano ChairAdjustable Piano ChairAdjustable Piano Chair

Additional Cost If These Services Are Required

Upright PianoGrand Digital PianoDigital Piano
Overtime DeliveryOvertime DeliveryOvertime Delivery
Stairway ChargesStairway ChargesStairway Charges
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